People and Planet 2014

P&P is a spring course this year and staffing changes have meant that I’ve taken on more responsibility.

Lecturing, Practicals and Coursework setting

  • Seven lectures (~half the unit’s taught hours).
  • A practical exercise making a time line from 8 million years ago to present day.
  • Conception and setting of a new coursework assignment, answering of student questions (via discussion board) and moderation of the assignment.

Unofficial student feedback

via anonymous post-it notes in a mid-term lecture.

“Really enjoy your lectures! Thanks!”

“Good explanations of concepts that I would find difficult to understand. Thanks!”

“COOL COURSE. Very interesting.”

“This is one of the most interesting topics I’ve studied during my degree – really enjoying it!”

“seems like a lot of info to take in – but interesting!”

“Friendly feel to the lectures :)”