NSPPS 2014


NSPPS (Natural Systems and Processes Poster Session) at Bristol is a long running annual post grad poster session, gathering around 100 submissions each year from across the natural sciences.

This year, I had a nice bit of work that I thought would look good on a simple but stylised poster. Made in illustrator, with far too much time spent deciding on the colour scheme, this was the result -> I’m pretty pleased with it, and it seemed to go down well, as it was the student’s choice, winning a Google Nexus 7 (+ pride, obviously).

This work is currently in review, so I’m not going to talk about it yet, but it will be coming soon.

AGU 2013 canopy interception capacity


If you missed seeing me at AGU, or just would like closer look at the work I’m doing at the moment, you can download a copy of the poster.

Normal provisos apply – this work is submitted to a journal, it is yet to be subject to peer review, etc. etc.

If you’d like to know more about this work, please do contact me.

Natural Systems and Processes Poster Session 2013

As well as having a poster at this year’s Bristol University Postgraduate Poster Natural Systems and Processes Poster Session, I was also one of the organising committee making sure that it was bigger and better than last year. That meant:

  • Great prizes – Kindle Fires as the top prize, to really motivate people to make their posters clear and accessible.
  • More contacts – this year we were privileged to have a representative from NERC with us to look for impact stories, as well as the Dean of Science, the Dean of Graduate Studies and many Professors and other Research Staff.
  • A more social experience – we used twitter and facebook to advertise the event and get PG students engaged with it.
  • More advice on making beautiful and informative posters – we included links to Colin Purrington’s advice as well as the Better Posters Blog on the NSPPS website.
  • More inclusive – for the first time we invited along undergraduate students to engage with graduate level research and get ideas for their dissertation topics.

The event was busy and the catering for 200 which we provided was quickly gone.

AGU 2012


If you’d like to find out more about the results on my poster, the best thing is to talk to me! If I’m not around, please do send me a message and I will reply asap.

On this site you’ll find information about my other research areas – do ask me about crop and tree canopy capacity, crop albedo geoengineering, food security, human evolution and climate, the origins of farming and other past human – climate – environment interactions ~200kyr to 10kyr.

I also like mountain biking, road biking, hill walking, running and kite surfing, so feel free to chat to me about these things too!

Natural Systems and Processes Poster Session 2012

Thank you for your interest in Cooling with Crops.

I will be at the poster 3 – 4pm. Please feel free to use the contact form below to leave any comments or questions. Click the picture below to go to the BBC’s News article on bio-geoengineering.

Watch the BBC News Feature: ‘Crops could keep Earth cool’

For more information about bio-geoengineering, read the Current Biology paper, Ridgwell et al 2009 or download the more detailed Environmental Research Letters paper, Singarayer et al 2009, Assessing the benefits of crop albedo bio-geoengineering.

Leave a comment or arrange to have a chat:

>>> Update – sorry – this session has now finished. If you’d like to get in contact, please use the main contact form.