Curriculum Vitae

Publication Highlights

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  • Ph.D. ‘Climate and Crop Interactions: the Biogeophysical Effects on Climate and Vegetation’. University of Bristol, Faculty of Science, School of Geographical Sciences. 2011 – 2014.
  • 20 credit Masters level/level 7 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education [A], 2012.
  • Level 2 Open University Course ‘Web applications: design, development and management’ 2011.
  • BSc Geography with First Class Honours, University of Bristol, 2010.
  • Other qualifications some time before that.

Awards & Prizes

Bursaries and Funding Awarded

Research Employment

Research Fellow – December 2016 to present

Supervisor: Professor Pierre Friedlingstein. University of Exeter, College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences. Improving representation of the Nitrogen cycle the JULES land surface model, as part of the EU CRESCENDO project.

Senior Research Associate – March 2016 to present

Supervisors: Professor Paul Valdes and Professor Andy Ridgwell. University of Bristol, School of Geographical Sciences. Exploring past distributions of vegetation and their development and changes using ecosystem model, JeDi, as part of the paleoGENIE project.

Associate Research Fellow – October 2014 to February 2016

Supervisor: Professor Pierre Friedlingstein. University of Exeter, College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences. Developing and improving vegetation representation in the JULES land surface model, as part of the EU EMBRACE project.

NERC funded PhD – October 2011 to September 2014

Started Oct 2011; Thesis submitted August 2014; Viva September 2014 (minor corrections); Degree awarded November 2014; Graduation ceremony February 2015. Supervisors: Professor Paul Valdes, Dr Joy Singarayer, and Mr Chris Jones.

Bristol University Bio-Geoengineering Group – May 2010 to February 2012

Supervisors: Professor Alistair Hetherington, Professor Andy Ridgwell, Dr Joy Singarayer. University of Bristol. An operational management role for a DEFRA funded initial investigation of the potential for climate mitigation via increased crop albedo in the UK.

Selected Presentations and Posters

  • Biodiversity of Terrestrial Vegetation during Past Warm Periods’. Talk at AGU, December 2016.
  • ‘Quantifying the relative importance of climate-forced and land-use forced land cover changes in the representative concentration pathways’. Talk at the JULES meeting, July 2014.
  • ‘Full effects of land use change in the RCPs’. Talk at EGU, April 2014.
  • ‘Temperature effects of canopy interception capacity’. Poster at AGU 2013.
  • Invited talk at CEH Interception workshop, 13th November 2013.
  • Invited seminar talk to the land-surface group at University of Reading, 4th November 2013.
  • ‘Climatic impact of land carbon pricing and agricultural productivity growth’. Poster at AGU, 2012.
  • ‘Cooling with Crops’. Invited oral presentation at Bristol Geoengineering Workshop, 2011.

For a full list, see presentations and posters.

Reports and Other Written Work

  • Peer review – see Publons profile for full list.
  • Co-author on MOHC – DECC & Defra Policy Channel Output, ‘Assessment of biophysical and biogeochemical impacts of land use in a mitigation context’. 2013.
  • Co-investigator in NERC large grant bid for ‘BioMYS’ Biogeoengineering, which reached final interview stage. March 2013 & November 2013.
  • Proposal to the University of Bristol Teaching, Learning and Assessment board to introduce videos by postgraduate as additional learning tools for undergraduate courses. July 2012. Successful February 2013.
  • Report for DEFRA on Biogeoengineering. December 2011.
  • Undergraduate dissertation with a mark of 80%. 2010.

Organisational Roles and Responsibilities

  • Organiser of the ‘Food security and biodiversity’ workshop of the ‘Mainstreaming Biodiversity’ series at University of Bristol, October 2014.
  • Lead convener for session GC025 Future Land use change and climate at AGU Fall meeting. Over 40 submissions, resulting in 2 Oral sessions and 1 Poster session. December 2013.
  • Lead convener for Union session U001 400 ppm CO2 – Communicating Climate Science Effectively at AGU Fall meeting. December 2013. (Speakers included: Myles Allen, Naomi Oreskes and James Hansen.)
  • Additional postgraduate representative for physical geographers. October 2012 to October 2013.
  • Organising team for the Natural Systems and Processes Poster Session. March 2013. (Internal funding procured of £2700)
  • Many other organisational responsibilities before this – please see details of instructing for some examples.


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Conferences, Courses, etc.

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