It’s well overdue, but I thought I’d talk a bit about the wedding that was so much a feature of this blog last year. This is a shot of the marquee – note the long debated kilner/clip top jars as vases (they are all in my kitchen now, pressed into service holding lentils, nuts, rice etc.). The neals yard bottles and jars are being used as night light holders – sadly I don’t have any shots from when we lit them in the evening – you’ll have to trust me that they looked good. Ditto the little kilner jars are being used as night lights. I had imagined the neals yard bottles would have a flower in them, but it didn’t work out that way because of a lack of communication with the florist. The blue glasses were a bit of an indulgence as water glasses, but I think they were worth it (they were twice the price of standard water glasses…. but hey – they were blue!). The cutlery chairs, etc etc are of course all hired, and in the photo you can see our fabulous caterer, Helen from Evergreen Catering. More on food, flowers, etc. later.
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