Telling stories, or ‘what is story in academic writing?’

What is ‘story’ in academia and how can we create a great story? This is the question I’ve been talking about in a post about academic story, over at PhD2Published.

The importance of ‘story’ in journal articles and academic writing was (very) slow in coming to me. When someone¬†first said to me, “At least we have a story,” I was frankly confused. What on earth is a story in a journal article? We have results, not a story. By the time someone else said it to me, I wondered if it might be an insult…. Yet another person re-wrote my whole paper, and when I wanted to know what he’d done, he described in his eclectic fashion that he tried to tell a story, and how he did that.

Now I seem to hear about story all the time Рbut I suspect that many starting writing papers, like me, have no idea what it means. You can read the whole story on story (ah, puns, who can resist them?) over at PhD2Published.