Wedding dress – further environmental/fashion dilemmas

So back to wedding things.

I spent a long time thinking about how to make my dress sustainable. And then dropped straight in to the classic modern brides problem – I became a 2 dress bride.
First off I looked for vintage dresses. They’re so beautiful, but frankly, none really stood out for me. And it was so random whether I found anything at all, it was a bit concerning.
So I tried on lots of dresses at stores – given that I’d never imagined myself in a wedding dress, it was difficult for me to just pick something without trying on things. I didn’t really want to buy a dress at the stores (cost and environmental impact being the main objections) but how else can you try on loads of dresses? But the 4 month ordering deadline loomed. Every shop told me that I needed to order my dress…. yesterday.
So I had a few dresses in mind that would be good and then set about finding them second hand. I looked religiously on all the second hand dress sites, but found nothing. Then, just as I was about to give up, it appeared…! (Can’t show you the dress, sorry, h2b might see it). It’s designer, bodiced, still quite slinky, completely bridal, and has half the carbon footprint as it’s second hand. 😀 What more could I want?
Well, as it happens, I want two more dresses…..
Because of marriage licencing laws in the UK, you can only get married at locations with said licence. Fine. We picked a place with a licence. So we thought. But actually, they just meant that they intended to apply for a licence…. not quite the same thing….
So we’re getting “married” on friday afternoon, having our “honeymoon” friday night, having our wedding “ceremony” on saturday morning, then a party saturday night and a family social “wedding breakfast” on sunday morning. So how many outfits is that?!?!
More than I ususally wear in a week basically.
So I have saturday’s ceremony and saturday evening sorted – both from ebay . The evening dress is a bit shorter. But really, I don’t have much that’s suitable in my wardrobe for the rest of the time… so it’s back to ebay, charity shops and similar to try and find more environmentally acceptable and budget acceptable outfits….
It doesn’t help that I put on loads of weight whilst doing my exams… so now do I buy stuff a bit too small, risking wasting it because I can’t get into it… or a bit too big, risking wasting it because I lose weight….
Any solutions welcome please. 🙂

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  1. Popped over from an old comment you left on Un-Bride — you have lots of good posts I want to comment on, but it's 2:29 am my time and I should be in bed :)!! I just wanted to say: whatever budget you have, buy as many outfits as possible 😉 I still look for dresses b/c I think it's fun — and I'm coming up on my 5 year wedding anniversary next year 🙂 (ceremony in the church? vow renewal? just bc 5 years is a nice round number? oh, the possibilities are endless!) A-hem. So, other than voting for lots of dresses 🙂 — well, I think I'll refrain from advising on size. I'm not too good on that part, finding myself in limbo (but more as attendee/bridal party, not so much the bride part 🙂 ) — good luck with what you choose!