Green Catering

So more conumdrums about the wedding.
In an ideal world, we’d go for an all organic, season, local menu. But then… how local? And how organic? Because tasty things like greek feta aren’t very local.. and organic salmon has had some bad press. And do

And in real life, we don’t eat 100% organic food. We buy local and organic where we can and grow organically on our allotment, but we don’t stick to it religiously. Ditto seasonality. Though I am quite militant about food miles: nothing that is air-freighted gets eaten in this house. (Well, not knowingly at least.) Europe is allowed, (Holland and Spain usually).

So we think that we’ll stick to these same principles for the wedding. Organic and local where possible. Not where it is not. But absolutely no air-frieghting and as seasonal as possible. After all, September is our most fruitful month in England.

Still striving for sustainable here then as you can see. Though striving still seems to be the key word….