Sustainable wedding invitations

So… the current discussion is about the invitations for the wedding.
Options are:
•Send everyone emails. Slight problem that some family on both sides aren’t very computer literate. And seriously – it’s my wedding…. We did concede and send some of the save the dates via email.
•Recycled card made by nice companies, pre-made and printed. There are plenty of these online, but they charge £2 – 3 per invitation. Waaay beyond our budget.
•Home style design, recycled card and vegetable inks. Fine, except that vegetable inks are only available with litho printing, which is really expensive for short runs.
•Home design on FSC certified paper and digital printing. However, digital printing isn’t very sustainable… but it is cost effective.

Sigh. Answers on an email please.
Future mother in law is asking about the bridesmaid dress colour… which I would love to tell her. But apparently I can’t decide on the bridesmaids dress until I’ve decided on my dress… Which is proving erm, challenging…