Thoughts for Next Year

None of the Brassica did very well this year. I suspect that it was because they needed a bit more manure, Nitrogen or something. The rotation should help this, as the Brassicas will go into the beds previously occupied by legumes.

Plant more: swedes (they did well and they’re good winter food), spinach (very tasty and again and good all season fair), garlic (it was very easy to look after and essential for most meals) broad beans (very different to the vegetable we remembered!)
Plant less: runner beans (twenty plants and we had to give them away) cucumbers (a mere three plants gave a huge glut problem… no-one needs that many cucumbers)

Space Further apart: brussel sprouts, swede (every single one germinated), runner beans (they got so tangled up)
Space closer together: carrots and parsnips (rows were pointless) broad beans (to give them some wind protection)

A bit more companion planting next year. It saves space, might save my carrots from the dreaded fly and is generally pretty. So this year we’ll try: onions/carrots, brassicas/trefoils, brussels/lettuce.