Review of the Allotment Year


  • Spagetti Squash: very prolific, storing well and quite tasty
  • Chillies: very hot, prolific and not eaten by the bugs (unlike the sweet peppers next to them)
  • Cucumbers: glut. Therefore possibly a failure as more than we could eat…?
  • Swede: Not plagued with pests, a bit small but now our winter staple.
  • Onions: yep, they were good. Especially early in year – very sweet roasted.
  • Garlic: again, excellent ‘wet’ and have stored okay.
  • Perpetual Spinach: very tasty as small leaves.
  • Runner Beans: there were so many we had to give them away (see Runner Bean glut post).

Somewhere in Between:

  • Courgettes: very prolific, F1 1 Ball a bit watery. Green courgettes sulked.


  • Summer Turnips: didn’t taste like ‘melon’ as claimed and riddled with maggots. Won’t bother again.
  • Winter Peas: sulked and then got gotten by the frost.
  • Carrots: dug up by animals then riddled with carrot fly.
  • Cabbages: eaten by slugs and snails and formed no significant heads
  • Brussells: very small, possibly our fault for not thinning out.
  • Leeks: victims of a mystery disease.