Razors – trying to get an eco shave…

The people I know fall in to several camps regards razors – they go something like this:

  • Solid handle with replacable (expensive) blades in little plastic boxes (typified by gillette) – my father is in this category and I am most of the time.
  • Disposable plastic razors – my boyfriend, brother and nearly all my male friends are in this category.
  • Electric razors – the remainder of my male friends have these.
  • Wax – my beauty therapist friend insists that this is the only way (I am now a convert to the bikini wax) but waxing is hardly an option for men’s faces. Lastly:
  • Don’t shave – my Mum is in this camp, and occasionally my boyfriend… 😉

I have however, long been unsatisfied with the razors that I use. They’re expensive, (more expensive than the disposable ones), metal mixed with plastic and not recyclable. But the cheaper ones are even worse, electric razors seem unnessasary and not shaving my legs is just not an option for me. My boyfriend refuses on principal to pay for a razor handle that will then cost more to replace the razor head – and I can see the objection.

So it was with a certain amount of curiousity that I saw in a well known chemist a ‘classic’ double edged safety razor. I didn’t realise that they still made them, or blades for them. How wrong I was. I cadjoled my boyfriend in to buying one and a week later went back for one for myself. A new shaving camp has been formed – the old/new school safety razor – cheap, sharp, recyclable, durable and no plastic. Not only that, these razors have their own little cult following. Forums and specialist shops exist to cater to the tastes of those who like a traditional safety razor, soap and brush shaves.

It’s a revelation. And thinking back to broad beans and computers, perhaps there is another aspect to elders and history. There are lots of new shavers available now and though a return to cuthroat razors isn’t really desirable, perhaps there are plenty of old school ways to do things (like shaving) that are less wasteful and just as good as the new ways. As with guerilla gardening, sometimes all that is needed is a re-vamp, some re-branding.