Timing. Even experts get it wrong sometimes.

The tree in the garden has released its blossom on its unsuspecting new owners (us). I’m still ignorant of what it is, but I’m none the less concerned for its welfare. The weather has fallen into a cold patch. The temperature outside is dropping just below freezing at night and the wind has got me pulling out the down jacket again and has been whipping at the blossom.
The other big concern is that all those ‘early’ crops might now be chilled. My partner smiled when I expressed these worries and mentioned that he’d heard that he’d heard someone say ‘you can always tell those newbies who try and put everything in too early – they’ll learn’. I now suspect that the potatoes (put in about 4 weeks ago and still inactive), the carrots and parsnips (ditto) and a some others who have actually shown their leaves were planted prematurely. I feel bad for the broad beans who struggled through the worst of winter only to get blackenned by the frost in April as they flower (prematurely). But it is kind of comforting that it isn’t just me that sometimes gets over enthusiastic and starts to do things too early. It’s also the other gardening newbies – and occasionally the plants. 😉

PS – if anyone knows what the tree might be, I’d be really greatful of a comment…