Spring surprise

It was with some difficulty that I persuaded my partner from digging up these impostors. The bulbs had hidden themselves beside his highly favoured strawberry plants, a dangerous place to be! I argued their case however, on the basis that we had no idea what they might be, for better or worse. So it was with a question mark over their head (and a promise of moving the bulbs once they finished for the year) that they remained.

It was with considerable surprise which we came to the allotment after the last few weeks wet patch had kept us away to find that our bold intruders had rewarded our leniency by blooming suddenly, amongst the yawning, shivering plants around them.

These spring flowering tulips I suspect were rather well thought out by the allotment’s previous caretaker. The strawberries will have summer precedent while they cheer up the spring bed.

It also occurred to us that these and their companions grown at the allotment will make excellent cut flowers for the house. Less than 1 mile surely doesn’t count as flower miles does it…?