Gardening. It’s about….. timing.

The seed packet says early spring. Or late spring. Or march. But when does that really mean?

So the question is, do I go crazy and put the little seeds in the earth, hoping for early crops, or do I wait a little longer, and hope for good strong plants and seeds that haven’t rotted while it’s pouring with rain and blowing a hooley.

Friends have put in their early potatoes outside. Due to some slight timing problems, my potatoes are still chitting quietly in my dining room. (I like the irony of the potatoes’ circle from birth to death beginning and ending in my dining room.) My more tender seeds are also in the house sprouting, in some cases exuberantly and in others cases, not at all. But I don’t really know whether my earlies are now late or my summer seeds are springing too quickly.

There is however, nothing quite like learning from experience. It seems too cold and wet to put anything outside at the moment (let alone me to plant it). This weekend seems like the most likely candidate.

So in the spirit of timing (the potatoes): what do you call a stolen yam?

a hot potato 😉