Pets who compost

The newest venture in our household are some unusual pets. The worms have landed.
Alright. Maybe they’re not pets.

The idea is that you give the worms kitchen scraps, and they give you compost much quicker than traditional composting techniques. You use three trays. The bottom one just collects any excess water, which can be used as plant feed. The middle one has the worms in. You fill up the middle tray, then the top tray with the kitchen waste. The worms eat it. When the middle tray is full of worm poo, the worms move on upstairs towards the fresh food and you empty the compost and replace it back on the top. Confused? Yeh, it’s rather simpler when it’s in front of you.

Anyhow, I will be putting up further posts about how the worms and we are doing and whether it really has any advantages, practically and sustainably, over the usual composting methods.

Family portrait to follow.