Thinkwrite: Quality Papers

Publish or Perish is an academic maxim that reflects the need, and perhaps the pressure, to publish articles in order to show academic credibility. I’ve been thinking a lot about the need to publish papers recently because I have a project which is reaching that stage. The transition between writing essays and writing papers hasn’t been as obvious as I’d hoped and I rather feared I might be in the ‘perish’ group.

I had some time ago booked to go on a course provided by the University called ‘Rapid, focused first draft papers’. This turned out to be the ThinkWrite course, Quality Papers and it came along at just the right time. The ThinkWrite resources are pretty useful too, especially the paper analysis table for science papers.

The key things for me?

  • Research the journal
  • Plan every paragraph
  • Focus on the editor
  • What is the message?