Regional climate change mitigation with crops: context and assessment

Today is a milestone – the first time I’ve been a published author in an academic journal. I’m second author on the paper of one of my supervisors, Joy Singarayer. The paper is a review of regional crop albedo geoengineering in Philosophical Transactions A, the proceedings of the Royal Society, for a special issue on Geoengineering. (I’ve written about what Geoengineering is in a previous post.)

The paper looks at regional crop albedo bio-geoengineering, a concept that basically asks: what if we could help mitigate against climate change, just by growing different crop varieties? The review puts a full context around increased crop albedo – from how it compares in economic, social, climatic and scientific aspects to other geoengineering schemes, to how it fits into the long term modification of the land surface by humans.

It’s really exciting to see the cumulation of Joy and my hard work available out there in the world. Hopefully this will be the first of many papers.