Natural vs Anthropogenic Land cover change

Our latest paper, Quantifying the relative importance of land cover change from climate and land use in the representative concentration pathways, is published in Global Biogeochemical Cycles. The link to the official publishers version is here. You can find the abstract listed there. In this paper, we disassemble the contributions of LULCC, CILCC and accumulation in existing vegetation to changes in land cover, carbon and global forest area in the RCPs. We emphasise the need to consider CILCC when considering the carbon, climate and ecological impacts of land cover change in earth system models.

I appreciate (with hindsight) that GBC isn’t a journal all institutions subscribe to. So there are two other options for getting the paper.

The quickest way is to download the post-print version. That version is my final version after peer review. Despite my best efforts, it probably still has some typos that the publisher picked up. It’s also the sort of ugly that submitted manuscripts are, with the figures at the end and line numbers.

The other way is to email me, and I will provide a prettier version of the paper: t.davies-barnard at the usual Exeter University email suffix.