Invited Talk at University of Birmingham

I gave a talk to the lovely Geosystems group at University of Birmingham School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences. I had a load of great chats with the people there.

The invited talk was: Vegetation Biodiversity Hotspots over the Inter-glacial cycle

Plant biodiversity underpins the majority of terrestrial life on earth and therefore requires preservation as a future resource in the face of anthropogenic threats. The last 120,000 years has seen climate change on the same scale as future projections, and in the absence of global paleobotanical data, modelling can provide insights into how plants may have responded. The sustained tropical and hotspot high functional diversity in our model simulations point to the importance of tropical climatic stability and its possible role in supporting the latitudinal diversity gradient observed in the present day. These simulations suggest that biodiversity hotspots remain static despite climate variation, thus emphasizing the importance of protecting present day biodiversity hotspots from land use change.