ShowMeEarthData is a simple crowd sourcing facility for finding data, using the twitter hashtag, #ShowMeEarthData.

Just tweet your request and Earth system scientists on twitter will see your request, and if someone can help, or knows someone who can, they’ll reply to you. The @ShowMeEarthData account will retweet your tweet so people following the account will see it in their timeline.

Have you ever wanted some data, and despite extensive google searching, not been able to find it? Then you ask someone, and perhaps they know someone else, and eventually, you get to some unpublished data someone has in a harddrive somewhere? Or maybe someone pointing you to a paper with the critical data that you hadn’t managed to find?

Maybe you have data, and you’d be happy to share it with an individual, but you don’t want to put it on the internet where anyone can download it and never speak to you, never contact you, or cite you(!).

The idea of #ShowMeEarthData is that it’ll be a simple way of reaching out to the Earth System Science community, beyond your immediate group. It’s a peer-to-peer system that will be accessible to everyone. There’s no limits to the requests you can make, or the remit of the science. Ask, and maybe someone will be able to help. 🙂

This was inspired by the ECR network meeting at the iLeaps 2017 conference. They asked: what networking tool could be provided to make your work easier?

Finding data, finding the people with data, and discovering what data is out there is a key benefit of a large science network. As a student or young scientist, you often don’t have access to people to ask, and as useful as it is, a google search doesn’t always find everything. Twitter seemed like a simple way to help scientists find each other and data, and a nod to Jerry Maguire was compulsory.

If you like this idea, please retweet and follow @ShowMeEarthData, and get everyone asking questions and swapping data.