Children’s Guide to a Kindle

I made this guide to the Kindle e-reader for a girl I gave a Kindle to as Christmas present. I could’t find a good, simple guide to using a Kindle anywhere on the web, so I made one. The parents really liked the guide, so I thought I’d post it up here and if you’re giving a kid a Kindle, you might like to print it out and use it.

There are two versions of the Children’s guide to Kindle. A docx version (editable) and a pdf version (not editable).

It’s A5 size, so it’s nice printed on A4 as a booklet. To do this is a bit of a hassle, but the steps are basically:

  1. screenshot_90Amend the docx guide as desired.
  2. Save the docx as pdf, either using ‘save as’ or print -> save to pdf
  3. Open the pdf in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. (Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free).
  4. Press print, and then find the booklet option (it isn’t particularly easy to find. Here is some help.)
  5. It should have printed all the pages in a weird order. There are page numbers to help you check it’s correct. Put them in the right order, fold, staple, and voila, a beautiful booklet to go with your gift.

A couple of things to bear in mind.

  • I registered an email address and an Amazon account for the child, in my name. Accounts shouldn’t be in the name of the child if they are younger than 13. Child protection, etc.
  • If I’d been more efficient, I would have registered the account, then bought the Kindle from that account, so that it was pre-registered.
  • As it was, I had to open the Kindle box, register the Kindle, hook it up to my wifi and download all the (free) books I had downloaded on the child’s behalf. This meant that the Kindle box was open when it arrived. This particular child wasn’t worried by this, but others might be.
  • All this worked well, but was quite a bit of work for me.
  • This Kindle guide was written for a young child (about 8). It might be a bit patronising for adults or teens.
  • The guide uses a couple of images of a Kindle. I don’t own these images. They probably came from Amazon, but if I’ve infringed your copyright and you’re upset, contact me and I will sort it asap.